Website Design – Monthly website improvements

As a business owner, can you answer “yes” to any of these questions?

  • Do you wish you could get professional help writing and editing your site’s content?
  • Would you like to tweak your site’s design from time to time?
  • Could you use monthly graphic design services?
  • Could you use some help promoting your services on your web site?
  • Do you want to improve your website’s content over time?
  • De you wish to grow your site’s online popularity over time?

If so, we can help.

We provide monthly professional services including website design, graphic design, and content development and editing at a fraction of our regular prices.

Just purchase the amount of time you would like to use each month and you will have it ready for your use at a discount.

You can cancel at any time (just unsubscribe a week before the next monthly payment).

Order your choice of one hour, two or three hours per month to be used in a combination of the above services.

What are the benefits?

  • Professional work performed at a fraction of the regular price.
  • Web changes performed by a professional developer with proper code to maintain your site’s speed, code integrity and search engine friendliness. No use of sluggish site builders. We use only clean code!
  • Graphic design provided by a professional graphic artist.
  • Content development done by a professional writer/editor.
  • Whenever you have any time left over, we will use that time to update your site to the latest version, and review your security.

Low hourly rates:

  • 1 hour per month:  $55 Special: Just $46 monthly.
  • 2 hours per month:  $110 Special: $84, (that’s only $42 per hour).
  • 3 hours per month:  $165 Special: $114 (only $38 per hour).

Select your hourly preference and sign up here:

Time per month:

Please note: The monthly time is not cumulative, the hours need to be used each month or they are lost.  The time can be used for website updates, content changes and additions, website design changes, graphic design (for online and print uses) and content editing and development. If you purchase Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Keyword analysis services through us, we also provide light onsite Search Engine Optimization and Google reviews with your content development services.

If the work you need in a month exceeds your plan’s time, you can pay for the excess work at our regular rate, wait for the following month or upgrade your plan.
Plan rates may change over time; you would be contacted prior to any future plan rate changes and asked to renew your membership at that time.

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